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Hi guys, this is the action #08 made by holepsds. It’s totally free and made for you, the only thing i ask is your like in respect of my work. You can adjust if you need. Download here.

Anonymous said: put the psd you used in your sidebar gif?


Sure, here!

Static preview:

n3ongold3n said: Heyhey, thanks for sharing your sketches! Say, could you tell me how you use the blue and red lines? Do they fulfill diffferent functions in the sketch?



Sure thing! I generally start off by sketching with red lead (I use a mechanical pencil and 2mm Staedtler Mars Lumochrome leads, if anyone’s curious) and just lay down an unholy mess of scribbly lines. Then I go back over it with the blue lead and try to refine the sketch a little, pick out the lines I want to keep. After that I’ll usually whack it on the lightbox (a new acquisition — until very recently I was clipping my drawings to a clear plastic clipboard and holding them up to my desk lamp) and trace the final line art with ink and brush or a felt tip pen. I guess I mainly use colored leads because I like their slightly waxy consistency — I’ve never really made use of their non-photo properties. I just find that graphite pencils are a little too slick and frictionless for me. And the contrast between the red and blue helps me to discern my underdrawing from my under-underdrawing. Anyhow, here’s a slightly messier sketch (still far from the messiest) which might help to illustrate what I was describing.

… And I’m sure that’s far more than any of you wanted to know. Sorry. Procrastinating again.

I got made fun of for being the only one in the Animation department to use both red AND blue, in this fashion. I’m happy to see I’m not alone… :’3


I was invited back for another episode of “Guys with Pencils"to talk about…


Guys With Pencils Ep 152 - Holy Horse Balls! Someone Stole My Art!

Katie Shanahan and J. Bone have joined us this week to talk about THEFT! specifically, Art Theft. Why Katie and J. you ask? Well because they are victims of having their own pieces of artwork stolen, traced and displayed without having any source credit to the original works or creators! This is a really interesting topic and we were very lucky to have such wonderful artists who can give their accounts as to what steps they took once they realized their work had been stolen.



(Rating: Mature (or immature!) language warning for more sensitive listeners)

Further reading for Ontario Artists:

If you find yourself in a similar situation, Stuart Immonen recommended on twitter that “The Artists’ Legal Advice Service” is a not-for-profit and has helped him in the past: http://www.alasontario.ca/p/contact.html


How to install and use DAZ 3d Studio



Go to http://www.daz3d.com/shop/free-3d-models-and-content and select the Daz Studio 4.5


Add to cart, check out (you gotta register WITH A REAL EMAIL. they don’t want any personal info like credit cards, however) and you’ll get an email with…